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Thread: driving after a caesarian???

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    sphynx Guest

    Default driving after a caesarian???

    I was just wondering about driving after a caesarian. My friend has mentioned that you can't legally drive for 6 weeks after a caesarian. And if you do happen to have an accident you can be sued for up to $200,000 in those first 6 weeks. Apparently a caesarian prevents you from responding and breaking if needed quickly.
    Can anyone clarify or confirm this please?

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    Colleen Guest


    i cant *legally* confirm what you are saying but I have only ever heard it voids your insurance policy.

    It can be dangerous if you need to break suddenly.

    sorry im not much help :-s

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    After my c-section i was able to drive after 3 weeks but that was in the UK and only because my insurance company covered me. If they did not i would not have been allowed to drive for 6 weeks.

    It did hurt to dirve and they say don't drive just in case you have an accident.

    This time i will not drive for 6 weeks. DH and MIL when she comes will just have to drive me.

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    Melinda Guest


    I was told not to drive for 6w as well. I'm not sure about the legal POV... perhaps you could contact your insurance company, or the motor registry in your state to find out what their position is.

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    Legally, (at least in Victoria) you can not drive unless you are able to be in control of the vehicle.

    What "in control of the vehicle" means will vary from person to person.

    What you hear about "not driving for six weeks" is actually from your insurance company. They usually will not pay out on any insurance claims if you have recently had an operation.

    This applies not only to pregnancy/postpartum period, but also to anybody who has had an operation or a general anaesthetic. Keep in mind that a caesarian is a major abdominal operation, and if we were blokes having a similar abdominal operation, we'd be in hospital for about two weeks, and not allowed to walk for the first five or so days.

    So it's not really the law preventing you from driving as such, it's just if you do have an accident, you won't be covered by your insurance company.

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    I did contact our registry in our state and they did not have defined "rules" but our insurance did. And I was not allowed to drive for 6 weeks. The physio said that is because the muscle used to react during driving for the brake was the one cut, and it can take up to 6 weeks for that muscle to function properly, so even though you feel like everything's okay, it may not be...

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