thread: Everything going haywire post-baby

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Everything going haywire post-baby

    Ok... so... when I was younger, I had hardly any issues with my skin (apart from freckles and stretch marks but what do you do about them?).

    N e way... since having Gabby, my skin as been a little bit out of control.
    I now get pimples. My hair was also falling out like crazy while I was BFing (it's calmed down now that Gabby has weaned).

    Now, it appears, I have some kind of dermatitis or eczema on the top of my hands. I have tried to figure out what is causing it but I can't think of what it could be!
    It itches like crazy!
    I know I have to go to the Doc but I just want to have a complainy moment because it seems like pregnancy was the easy bit!! LOL

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    May 2005
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    Debbie... this is something I have to look forward to argh...

    I get mld eczema but since being preg my legs are driving me nuts, i claw them in my sleep & cant use my normal cream cause it is steriod based....

    Have you changed any soaps or detergents or moisturisers, this can cause skin problems & dry I itchy skin...

    Hope your Dr can give you something to stop you going nuts.... I can deffinatley sympathise

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    Melinda Guest

    Deb, I got some dermatitis on my hands after Jacob was born. There is a thread about it here.

    And you know what, I was losing hair like CRAZY. Argh.

    On top of that, with each AF since Jacob was born, I've had an acne breakout (not a bad one, but still a breakout) which never used to happen before!!! Things certainly change huh?!

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    mooshie Guest


    now that gabby is here it is enevitable that you would have your hands in water a hell of a lot more. i know i do, washing so many plastic bowls, plates etc, changing nappies, bathing etc etc etc.

    i went to my gp after i had my first dd with the dermatitis on the tops of my hands (i couldn't even wear my rings they were driving me crazy) she explained the obvious re having my hands in lots of water and using soaps etc.

    what i have done and have found it heaps (although this week they have become quite dry again after lani and jay coming down with gastro thus me doing extra extra hand washing etc lol) is wherever there is a tap in my house you will find a big pump bottle of sorbelene cream (cheap from the supermarket) and i am in a good habit of after washing and drying my hands i give them a good squirt of sorbelene and it has helped alot.

    good luck

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    Melinda Guest

    That's a good idea Michelle.

    A while ago, I actually found a sorbolene-based liquid soap to use, so I switched to using that instead of normal soap to wash my hands and that helped heaps. I found that I was washing my hands all the time (and still do!) with all the nappy changes, food/bottle preparation etc.

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    Debbie - i feel for you!! i have REALLY bad acne at the moment, so bad it hurts to wash my face cause they are big lumpy whoppers!! :-s and my hair is falling out too - i have all these wispy bits around my face sort of like baby hair.

    i guess the hormones would be contributing, but i like the advice about the sorbelene - i am going to do that too. i find my hands are really dry, and i think now it must be from all the extra hand washing...

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Thanks guys!
    Michelle - I will give the sorbolene thing a go. Hopefully it is just a bit of dermatitis from having wet hands all the time. I guess I just didn't realise how much I was dipping them in water compared to before. I feel sorry for hairdressers!!