thread: Going back on the pill

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    Jul 2004

    Going back on the pill

    Was not sure where to put this so stuck it here.

    I've started taking the pill again this cycle and after 10 months of not having to take it i keep forgettting to. I've tried putting it beside my bed so i take it before i go to bed or when i wake up but that doesnt work. I either forget to take it at the right time or forget all together. Which of course wont make it affective. Does anyone have any ideas to help me remember to take it. I have the worst memory on the planet i reckon!

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    Nov 2004

    Tegan, I had awful trouble trying to remember to take the minipill, especially when I was breastfeeding.

    We eventually decided just to give it up and let Nature take its course. However we were prepared for #2 happening, so I wouldn't be sure what to do if you don't want #2 just yet.

    Perhaps talk to your doctor. If you're not bfeeding, then you can get the implant Implanon, or maybe Depo injections, I'm not particularly sure. I think a doc visit is definitely in order.

    Best wishes

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    put it on your pillow, so you literally have to pick it up to move it each night, before going to bed.


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    Jul 2004

    Ah i like that one Kathryn. Will try that. Thanks!

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    Mar 2005
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    Bit of an old post but I thought id post an idea anyway...

    One way that really worked for me taking my pill, was the alarm on my partners digital watch.. it went off at 8pm every night. It simply turned off with one button press and was auto set for the next 8pm.

    This works good with digital watches.. but not with analogue watches.

    Unfortunately.. my partner got a new watch that is analogue, and now I have trouble remembering to take it.. but I try hard.


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    Jul 2004
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    Hows it going Tegan?? Are you remembering to take it ok??
    I take mine every night just before bed, it is the last thing I do, so that is how I remember... plus I think the fear of falling pg again accidently as well keeps me from forgetting! 8-[ Not that I would mind falling pg actually, but I think DP would like it if we planned for #2 this time