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Thread: Not postnatal yet but worried!!

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    Default Not postnatal yet but worried!!

    Hi all,

    I am currently pregnant with my first baby. I am just a bit worried because my family history and my genetics show that once I have the baby I will not be able to lose the weight and will be destined to be...well fat.

    I am the skinniest girl in both sides of my family (well was! LOL) and everyone seemed to have been small until they gave birth to their first child!

    I am also worried because I have suffered with an eating disorder (on and off) for like 8 years. Once I found out I was pregnant I changed my diet to one of a normal person because I was eating like 2-3 pieces of fruit n a salad as my total diet, knowing that wasn't healthy for bubs I started eating carbs, more protein etc and have gained like 6kgs so far. In the first couple of weeks I gained like 4kg so the last 2 has been over the last 4 weeks (normal gain for PG).
    I have never been this big and know it's baby weight (so I am ok with the weight... well ok enough to know it's what I have to do to have a healthy bubs) but I am scared that after the baby I will either be destined to be fat for the rest of my life or go the complete opposite and not eat enough n have my milk dry up! (I want to breastfeed until approx 9 months)

    Has anyone else gone through this?? How quickly did you get your body back? Or did you ever get your body back??

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    Gained over 20kg with all three pregnancies.

    Lost what I gained on the first two - first time within 6 months, second I was eating better and breastfed for longer and it was all gone in 12.

    Can't comment on #3 - I'm still very much post-baby fat with this one

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    Genetics don't mean you will gain weight. They may mean you are predisposed to it, which in turn may mean you have to work a little harder to get it off and to keep it off. BUT lifestyle is the big factor in determining a persons weight.

    If you want to make sure you loose weight in a healthy way which doesn't interfer with milk production, then join a program like Weight Watchers afterward (no earlier then 6 weeks after the birth).

    I come from a family where I have 5 siblings - I am the only one who struggles with their weight, but genetically we are all predisposed to excess weight - they others all just live a healthier lifestyle then I do, and don't struggle with the emotional eating. I got fat because I let myself get fat. I may have had babies to help me make excuses, but being pg didn't make me eat a block of chocolate every night or continue it after the birth. I have also lost weight because I let myself loose weight. It isn't easy for me, but that is psychological, not physiological.

    My DH is also one of six kids, they are all predisposed to carrying extra weight, they are ALL large, except for one of his brothers, and himself: they both work hard to maintain a healthy weight. The rest of them always have excuses, and one of them constantly mentions how it's all the fault of genetics. BULL. They eat crap, they do no exercise. Simple as that.

    Weight gain and weight loss all comes down to a simple equation. Energy in vs energy out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by misty View Post

    Weight gain and weight loss all comes down to a simple equation. Energy in vs energy out.

    Don't make the mistake many people make of setting your self up for failure and self-fullfilling prophecy.
    If you don't want to be fat, don't be. It WILL require work, diligence, but it is your decision - and you can start now with some positive NLP.

    Everytime you tell yourself you are going to get fat, tell yourself 6 times, out loud, you will not be fat, you will be healthy and are capable of being whatever you want to be, you will not be fat.
    So for every single negative thought in your head, counter it with a postive affirmation out loud, so you can hear it, and repeat it.

    Baby or bo baby, you will be fat if you let yourself be.

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    I think if you think you're in danger of reverting to your eating disorder you should really be under the care of a counsellor; it can be hard to keep perspective when you have so much time to spend in your head.
    I wish you well

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