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Thread: oil slick!

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    Red face oil slick!

    when pregnant i had dry hair and skin, i only had to wash my hair every 2nd day sometimes every third, but now my hair is soooo oily im needing to wash daily, though if im not going out i do it every 2nd day.
    anyone else found their oily??

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    My hair has always been oily. I hate it. I find if i'm not going anywhere I won't wash it for a few days then it doesnt get oily. Also there is a teatree shampoo which is quite cheap in Coles which works wonderfully. I can't remember the name of it atm. It will come to me....

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    Yeah me too AJP!!! I wash mine almost daily now!!! Otherwise it feels gross!!!!

    AND... I'm losing more hair than ever!!!! LOL

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    the more often you wash it the more oily it becomes ...
    get a hairdresser shampoo that controls moisture, they can vary between $15 for both bottles and $20 each.
    I have one that lasts me six weeks. more expensive than supermarket crap but worth it. Only need the size of a 10c piece and every second day. I have naturally oily hair and it has worked wonders.
    also do not scrub your head because that only stimulates oil production in the scalp. massage gently.

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