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    I have a negative blood group and DS is positive. Even though I had the 2 anti-d injections prior to his birth positive antibodies have been found in my blood. DS was born at 37 weeks and I had the second injection at 34 weeks - only 3 weeks apart! I was wondering if it's likely that some of the antibodies from the injection were still present at the time of testing and this is what has been detected? Anybody out there had a similar situaiton?

    The doctor told me at my 6 week check up that I should wait a couple of months to be retested in case there are still antibodies from the last injection I had a few days after the birth - if that's the case after 6 weeks, then surely it's a possibilty they were there after 3 weeks!

    I'm a bit anxious cause I have to wait 2 months to find out, and I want more children but if they too are positive and I do have the antibodies then I have been told this could cause conplications.

    Any similar stories would be appreciated. 8-[

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    Hello Aussie_Chik!

    I also have rhesus negative blood so I have done a fair bit of reading on it. If you have had a previous miscarriage, termination or bleeding in pregnancy, this all presents an opportunity for antibodies to form, so in each instance, you need an anti-d injection for all of these things too.

    I have never had any problems with positive antibodies coming up after my two births, but maybe it did happen and I just wasn't informed as it was deemed normal.

    Sorry I can't be of much help but hopefully it is just related to the injections. Let us know how you go!
    Kelly xx

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