thread: Post pregnancy sore joints

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    Apr 2009

    Post pregnancy sore joints

    Hi everyone, I am a fairly new mama (11 weeks) and LOVING IT and my beautiful bubba, however my hands are in agony at the moment. Not being able to breastfeed, I pumped for 6 weeks and now we've been on the bottle and formula regime for 5 weeks and I seriously thought I had RSI from opening the bottles and strapping the capsule in the car! They are very stiff and sore and it feels like what I'd imagine arthritis to be like. One of the lovely ladies in my mummy's group said it may be hormonal? If anyone has any similar sories or advice I'd be grateful.

    Thanks so much.

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    Jun 2008

    OMG - I have exactly the same thing! I have been worrying that I'm getting arthritis. My son is three months old, and I've had the aching hands and fingers for about a week now. My feet are really sore too, but I just figured that was from walking DS around so much.

    I'll be really interested to see if anyone can provide some answers for you.

    Hope it gets better soon for both of us.


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    i had this too after i had Ryan it was dreadful it got to the point i couldn't pick him up for fear of dropping him so DH would get up for those night feeds hand him to me so i could feed him he would burp and change him and put him back to bed the doctors thought i had rheumatoid arthritis which apparently can be flaired from an influx of hormones it started almost at 5- 6 weeks of age and lasted till he was 11 months about the time he weaned himself . i haven't had any major issues since. though it may not be the same thing you are experinecing i thought i would share my experiences it definately frighten the heck out of me. good luck and i hope you start to feel better soon

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    the relaxin hormone can stay around for up to 5-6 months meaning things can move more than they are supposed to..
    hand/wrist, shoulder and neck pain are not uncommon post natal type problems, and seeing a physio/chrio/osteo might be helpful

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    Apr 2009

    Update time....more joints started getting sore so on GP's recommendation have started taking Glucosamine (Osteo-Eze Active) whish is helping tremendously. Definitely due to the relaxin doing it's thing!

    I would like to add that I am NOT breastfeeding and if I was I certainly wouldn't be taking this as it's not recommended for preggie or lactating ladies. So whilst this is a good fix for me, probably the more natural remedies will help those breastfeeding.