thread: Separated tummy muslces

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    Feb 2006
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    Separated tummy muslces

    My tummy muscles are still separated. After having DS it was about 2-2 1/2cm's wide, so it has closed up a bit. DS is 7mths now and with DD my separation wasn't so big and it was gone by this stage, just with walking and normal day to day stuff. At the moment, I still have a gap of about 1/2-1cm just above my belly button, and up a little bit towards my ribs. I have been trying to suck my belly in and have good posture, but my muscles are really weak still. I read somewhere that crunches are not reccomended for tummy muscle separation after pregnancy. What other exercises can I do to get my belly strong again??

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    Mine are pretty bad too...... physio said the separation was a fist full .

    They generally recommend not to do crunches, any type of exercise until after 6-8 wks anyway......after this time though, i found just doing 20 situps a day did help. It also helped with my back, as i found i was using my back muscles when i should have been using my stomach......

    Pilates is supposed to be great too....but most importantly, core muscle exercises will help strengthen the muscles, pelvic floor exercises are good too ( Laying on side , knees together, pull (suck) tummy muscles in and then lift your top leg up then back down...

    See how it goes.....a physio can help too....... good luck.

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    I would go and see a physio and they can give you specific exercises, I think pilates is also supposed to be very good for core strength, your body just doesn't seem to bounce back as quickly with number 2 as it did with number one does it?!