thread: since everything expands . . .

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    Dec 2007

    Question since everything expands . . .

    I was thinking about how everything in your hips expands to make room for darling lil baby to come out. Does anyone know how long it takes for everything to un-expand? Or if your hips are ever the same size as they were before your pregnancy? I like to think that part of the reason my pre-preg clothes are nowhere near fitting is because my hips haven't gone back to their pre-preg size

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    Jan 2006

    Depends on the woman. For me, I was in pre-preg clothes (and doing up the buttons!) within a week. But I have huuuuuge hipbones, I'm a big-boned person. The tinier you are to start with, the more shrinking has to happen. Knew there was a reason I am so big!

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    Mar 2004

    I don't think my feet will ever go back to the way they were.
    I think they will be broader for ever - I'm pretty sure the bones moved.

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    Feb 2004

    Same here Chloe, but my feet went up a size. Same as my hands, I had to get my rings enlarged 1.5 sizes because my knuckles moved with relaxin & never moved back. My GP told me that it sometimes happens that things don't go back as they were.

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    Dec 2006

    My feet and fingers are about 1.5 times bigger - I don't think they will go back
    I still have a little bit of hope of my hips going back, my ribcage has expanded too - I've gone from a size 8/10 to a 12 (though I'm back to my pre-preg weight). I went through all my clothes the other day and about 75% of stuff I can't wear My sister convinced me not to throw it out (or sell it all on ebay!) but I really don't know whether they will go back either.. I think it all depends really, and in the meantime have fun shopping during the sales! lol

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    Dec 2007

    Oh my, doing up the buttons on pre-preg clothes!! *jealous* I can squeeze into mine, and do up the buttons, but oh BOY are they too tight!

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    Apr 2006
    Winter is coming

    My hips seem to have changed - before if I walked in heeled shoes for long I would get achey hips but that no longer happens. It isn't what is stopping me fitting my clothes though - that is my expanded bum lol

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    Feb 2006
    NSW Central Coast

    Hehehe, thats my problem too Artechim!!

    My feet are a size larger and I think my fingers are bigger too.
    With my hips while I was pg my pelvis started to crack when I squatted, adn it still did about 7mths later(before I got pg again!) so it makes me think that it is still not back to what it was pre pg.

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    May 2004

    My feet are definitely broader and a size bigger and that won't ever change.
    My hips are also wider and it's the bones...because after I had DS I got back to being skinnier than I was before I ever had babies, but my hips were still wider. I don't think that will change either somehow

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    paradise lost Guest

    I was back to pre-preg weight on day 4 (i only gained 6kg) and was way thinner a few months later. BUT i had the distance between my hipbones measured before i got PG (the bones, not the flesh) and they are wider now, by 4mm (hardly enough to make clothes not fit) and by 6mm if i have AF (you have more relaxin in your system when you have AF, which is why the cervix is low, because the uterine ligaments relax). In terms of clothes i am 3 sizes smaller, but in terms of bones i am 4mm bigger.

    To be honest i think it is only the naturally very slender, whose clothes are actually against bone rather than chub (like mine are LOL) who would have clothes not fitting because of the bones having spread. Like, we often notice our shoes don't fit, because feet are basically all bone so when they grow we really notice, if that makes sense.


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    Jun 2007
    Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne.

    i still can't wear jeans yet- hips are very wide now and have muffin tops- but i'm starting at the gym on monday...

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    Dec 2007

    damn, there goes my excuse! Oh well, those really tight pants are still unwearable BUT are less tight one sucky thing but - as I lose weight, my tummy looks wrinkly from previous giant bub and now losing fat in it >.<

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    paradise lost Guest

    Baby_socks i am SO hearing you with the extra skin! My tummy looks like crepe paper when i lean forwards but you know what, i don't care, i'll take wobbly skin over heart-attack-padding ANYDAY! Be proud of the wrinkles hun, they bear witness to the incredible properties of creation and recovery your body has.


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    Apr 2007

    i thought it was only me but my feet went up a size when pregnant and still havent gone back!!

    oh that floppy tummy skin is disgusting but hey i have a beautiful baby to show for it and im slowly working on getting rid of it!!

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    Jan 2005
    Down by the ocean


    My ribs have expanded also. I know this because I weigh less than when I got married but the torsolette I wore on my wedding day used to do up on the first row of hooks and now I can only do it up on the last row.

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    Jun 2007
    ...not far enough away :)

    I only put on 6kg when preg with Charlie so I weighed less a week after he was born. But nope, hips have not gone back. It's funny how they were the first thing to move also, within a week of finding out I was preg I couldn't fit into my jeans...I didn't look preg for 6months but still couldn't wear my jeans.
    I can now get back into many of my old clothes & get most done up. But not my awesome jeans!!

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    Oct 2004

    My normal clothes fit me again pretty much straight away, but I didnt gain weight during my pregnancy and didnt have a very big baby. My problem was with my shoes and rings. It took a while for my fingers and feet to go back to normal size. However, my boobs will never be the same again.

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    Aug 2006
    On the other side of this screen!!!

    First PG, my ribs and feet expanded, not sure about my hips (never lost enough bumfat to work that out LOL). However, you should notice some improvement over the months after birth as ligaments etc should gradually tighten again.