thread: It still hurts! Anyone else taken so long?

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    Feb 2009
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    It still hurts! Anyone else taken so long?

    It's been almost 5 months since I had DD and sustained only 2nd degree tears, but in 3 directions, back, up and splits in too. Absolutely agonizing being pulled apart for 40 min while OB manouvered me into where she needed to stitch, had a catheter in for 2 days as bladder sealed shut was traumatized so much.

    I thought once my stitches were healed (which they were ages ago) it would be fine But it still really hurts, and I know the OB did a good job stitching me up because the midwife was admiring her work. I am terrified this is going to last forever now! My mum had a fourth degree episiotomy and she didn't have this problem, I am so depressed about wondering if it will ever end.

    Did anyone else have this problem, or am I a freak of nature because I can't fine ANY material on it anywhere?? Should I see a gyno?? Should I have an episiotomy next time, (am actually jealous of CS people) I am so afraid of this all happenning again if it ever even fixes itself.

    I really need some reassurance this isn't going to last forever so if anyone can help I really need to hear from you.

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    All you can do is go slow and gentle, and use plenty of lube. It took us 4 months with DD1. With DD2 it was much less because my body knew what it was doing and healed much quicker. If it does go on to long, go and talk to your doctor.

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    hun i hear your pain!!
    with DD1 i had an episotomy, labial tearing, bruising and a huge amount of swelling, it took around 8-12 months for us to have sex remotly comfortably ! i had to learn to relax, i also used a great lube called Sylk, fantastic stuff. it will take time to feel comfortable again.
    with DD2 i had some minor tearing along old episiotmy scar, labial tearing again and internal tearing, and bad swelling again , BUT its no where near as bad as having the episiotomy, yes its tender but only a little bit, i think most of its in my head as im scared from the first time.
    so dont go the episiotomy way, it hurts far more!!
    get yourself some Sylk and relax

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    I had an episiotomy and it was more than 7 months before we succesfully DTD. Probably more like 9-10 months before it was completely comfortable.
    It is possible you have some 'pouting' (i think it's called) in the scar tissue, which can be tender. If you go to your gyno they can check it out and remove if necessary. NOTE - it's super super super painful when they do that. Well, not so much the removal as the cauterising afterwards. It will sort itself out with time anyway so up to you.
    Just take it slow, use sylk, and talk it all through with your DH. It will get better eventually, and in the meantime there's other stuff you can do.

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    Massaging your old scar tissue with oil can help. Also, the dr/gynie can give you estrogen cream to help the tissue heal/improve. However, be warned it can mess with your breastmilk. Mine dried up almost overnight and it took me a whole week with a grumpy baby to get it flowing properly again.

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    I know this post is a bit old now but here's my story in case you still find it useful...

    My DS is 8 months old now and I STILL have pain DTD. I had tearing and an episiotomy but my OB did a very good job stitching me up and it's all healed well. I finally went to see Gyno yesterday and was told after thorough appointment that the ligaments holding my uterus in the right position have becaome slack following the prg and birth and so now my uterus is tilted backwards and DH is prodding the side of me in there and that's why it's painful. Was told to try certain positions when DTD to see if that helps, it may right itself or there are procedures I can have done later if I want to. I'm not saying this is your problem but I too thought it was tender scar tissue and thought it would eventually get better. I put up with it for far too long and I know it can have a big affect on your self-esteem and your relationship. Worth getting it checked out. Having said that, given the timing of this thread, I hope you've got it all sorted by now!!

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    Thanks Melanie, I'm glad you've gotten a diagnosis, I didn't know that could be a problem, hopefully his advice helps improve things.

    JIC any other girls are reading/read this thread in the future as having same problem I'll give you an update: In my case the pain very suddenly improved at the 5 month mark (as in it only stung so much on one side where I tore instead of both , and a couple of weeks later the other side drastically improved as well. I'd say I'm probably still a little more 'careful' then I used to be but TBH I think that's just habit now rather then necessary.

    Might have just been time helping with the scar healing for me, or it could be because when I was complaining to my Dr about it she asked if I'd always been a bad scarer/slow healer (which I have) she did this survey they have which sent up red flags so she took a blood test as slow healing is associated with zinc deficiency, and I was REALLY low in zinc so started taking treble times the recommended dose of zinc at their recommendation - which was around that time. So that might have helped - so I recommend getting checked out by your Doc anyone with same situation.