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Thread: still losing my hair... normal?

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    Default still losing my hair... normal?

    DS2 is 14 weeks old and I'm still losing my hair by the handful! I don't remember it lasting this long after DS1... obviously we always lose hair that's dead, but whole handfuls? I have to unclog the drain in the shower every day (grose I know) and my pillow and clothes always have lots of hair on them too... anyone else feel like they were going bald at this stage?

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    I"m wondering the same, my DD is 17 weeks and my hair is still falling out by the handful......and the shower drain each morning is grose!

    It's everywhere, like little hairy dust bunnies not matter how much I vacuum. The most disgusting is when I found one stuck to the side of DD face and when I went to pull it off it was wound into her mouth

    She's my first so having nothing else to judge it by.

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    I wrote a thread about this a few weeks ago, it's called my lovely locks are falling. There are some great replies in there. My little one is 17 weeks too and yes it's still falling!!! THe hairdresser had a look for me and says it is old hair and there are patches she can she but all this new hair is already growing. I have had three children and this is the firs time it has happened to me... I do wonder will it end at times!!!

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    My gf had the same problem and it was diectly related to her thyroid being outta whack. Might pay to see your GP.


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