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Thread: stitches come out already?

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    Default stitches come out already?

    just wondering if it is normal for episiotomy stitches to have come out at just over a week? last night was my first pain free night and this morning i had a little look, couldnt see any stitches there. the skin i can see is sorta folded onto itself, so i am worried that it might rip apart somehow if the stitches are gone already.

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    Hi Hollo
    Don’t worry hun. You probably had hidden stitches. This is a technique that you don’t see very often as it is a little more difficult to do that just the regular stitching. The stitch is within the wound this prevents the ends of the stitch irritating you. The other option is that they used a fast dissolving stitch and as you heal very quickly down there a week is plenty of time for the wound to heal.

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