thread: Two periods in a fortnight!

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    Stormi Guest

    Two periods in a fortnight!

    My DD is almost 16 weeks old. AF returned two weeks ago, lasted for just over a week (bleagh)...during the last few days have had like slightly pink discharge, but nothing really obvious...just went to the loo and there is lots of blood again, like another period. Is this considered normal? This is my third baby, never had any period problems after the other two. Seems very weird to me, as I have PCOS and I'm lucky if I get a period once a month, my normal cycle is usually about 6-8 weeks. I know I'm not pg as I had my tubes tied after my c/s. Will ring my Ob on Tuesday to check but just wondered if anyone else has had this happen?

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    Melinda Guest

    That hasn't happened to me......perhaps it's worth chatting to your MCHN or GP to get their opinion on it?