thread: Weaned from BF and now leaking....

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    belmarks Guest

    Weaned from BF and now leaking....

    Hi, I have weaned from breast feeding about 2 weeks ago, and have started to "leak". What's the go there? My breasts are really tender and have been for the past 2 days and they are leaking like crazy. My breasts never leaked when I was breast feeding, and now they decide to start now that I've finished...

    Any suggestions as to what might be happening?? :smt102

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    Melinda Guest

    Is it possible that you could be PG again??? Sometimes that can cause that.

    Otherwise, it can be totally normal for breastmilk to linger around for a while. Do you know that I still have breastmilk and I only breastfed for a matter of days?! No's still there! Just a tiny little bit, but definitely there!

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    belmarks Guest

    hmm, that's what I was thinking. There is a possibility that I could be I suppose, considering we are not using any contraception.

    I just think its strange that I never leaked when I was feeding, never even needed to wear breast pads, and my breasts were never sore, now 2 weeks after I stopped feeding Coby, they are tender and leaking like crazy....WEIRD!!!

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    Jun 2003

    Hate to say it but my bm stayed around for years! I even would get let down pains when I was around babies crying from time to time. I probably still leaked till Paris was about 2-3 and I stopped at about 3 mths...


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    belmarks Guest

    but did you have tenderness?

    I haven't been leaky or tender up until now, after I stopped feeding altogether - Its just strange that it would happen now...

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    Jun 2003

    Umm tenderness came and went. You could very well be pg like mel suggested. I think our milk does strange things. I could go months without a single leak, and then suddenly I'd start leaking for no reason and same with the letdown pains. Goodluck! And keep us posted.


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    Registered User

    Oct 2005

    Hi belmarks,

    When I stopped BF I had breast tenderness and did leak . I think it was mainly due to build up of milk. After a shower and before bed I used to express slightly into the sink. This would leave my breasts less tender and after about 1 1/2 mths my boobies were basically back to normal.

    However I have just recently started to get a mid month leak. OBGYN says this is just due to hormones.

    If you haven't had your AF yet though I would definanlty do a HPT just in case, you never know.

    Also you could talk to your childhood health nurse next time you take Coby for a chkup.

    All the best


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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    My Aunts youngest is 11 & when she saw Indah she cringed with let down sensations & had a wet patch!

    Also rather than express any which will create more, soak in a warm bath without massaging breasts & the hot water will release it for you...

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    BellyBelly Professional Support Panel

    Nov 2005

    All of the above. Also use w well fitted bra to help stop nipple stimulation.
    A bath is better than a shower as the spray of water can again cause nipple stimulation.
    Keep an eye out for hot red patches on you BB's could indicate mastitis.
    If your BB's are very painful expressing a small amount of milk may help but be aware that this could also stimulate more milk production.

    Alan (Midwife)

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    Feb 2005
    Mid North Coast NSW

    wow - i had no idea that all this would continue on for so long! Wow Barley about your Aunt - that is amazing!

    I really dont want to have to wear breast pads for ages after bf.... #-o