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Thread: When did your stitches fall out?

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    Question When did your stitches fall out?

    I am 4wks post birth today and even though some of my stitches have fallen out, I still have some there.

    I only had a few external labial tears and silly me didn't ask how many stitches that I had but I would have thought they would all be gone by now... hmmmm!

    So I am wondering when did your stitches fall out?

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    Gosh most of mine were gone after a week or two, have you tried bathing them out with salt water in the bath?

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    I really thought they should all be gone by now as well. I hadnt thought of bathing in salt water. I have been having one bath at night and a shower in the morning so will add salt to the bath. Thanks for that Saram.

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    When your stitches 'fall out' depends on what they used to stitch you. There are a couple of different types of materials they can use. You should lose them in another week or so

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    my internal stitches didnt disolve for a few months with DD1, apparantly my body didnt react with them they way it typically should have.

    i have episiotomy stitches now and i am hoping this heals quicker!

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    I still have a little bit of one stitch poking out at the end of my c/s scar!! lol. I was wondering what was going on too and asked my m/w a couple of wks ago and she said it was fine. It's getting smaller and smaller.

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