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Thread: When should you expect AF after Baby???????

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    Default When should you expect AF after Baby???????

    Just a quick question- when did you get AF after giving birth in retrospect to breast feeding?

    I've heard that when breast feeding you don't get AF?

    William is 6 mths now and still no AF- not that I'm complaining!!

    I feel a bit stupid asking this- BUT do you still ovulate even if you don't get AF?

    Any answers would be great- ta.xxxx

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    There was another thread about this recently, can't remember where :-k

    I just got AF back nearly 12months after Felix arriving..I breastfed exclusively for 6 mths and then intro of solids has been rather unsucessful, so breast feding quite a lot still..(not to mention everything else )
    I think everyone is different, but alot of women who feed through the night and exclusively breastfed for 6 mths can expect a fair spacing between kids..AF can be absent but you can still conceive..I know of a few people who thought no AF no pregnancies, unfortunately not so!


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    Hey Nadia,

    Check out this link [url=]HERE[/url] which helps explain a little bit about your period returning after birth.

    Personally, my hasn't returned yet...

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