Ok, so posting in this forum I'm not suppose to warn that this post will contain TMI, but just in case

**** Warning **** TTMI (Totaly To Much Info)

I started AF last Monday 30/03. I bled for three days, heavy and then it slowed down to the usual irretating after-drip stuff. My concern is that I'm still dripping and not the dark-brown-red-end-of-period, but bright red blood everytime I wipe (and some in my knickers on the pantyliner) See I am used to having a little spotting after AF, but this is ubsurd. I was feeling a bit off, dizzy and feverish, so had my urine checked for UTI ... nothing ... clean as a whistle. DH and I had sex on Thuesday? but it was not the ruff-stuff, and surely if I got a bit carried away it would have healed by now. I did have loads of dark-brown CM, but that could just have been left-overs also.

So my question is this .... should this concern me or should I just ride it out and see what happens? I don't feel bad or anything, it's just that this is weird for me to see bright red spotting ....

When should I go see my Gyne (he is extreamly $$$ and booked in advance, so I can't just waltz in there)

Thanks for the help

PS - Enjoy your easter!!