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    Angry Condoms Breaking

    Since giving birth to Olivia my DH and I have decided that we would use condoms as our birth control so I don't have to go back on the pill and wait for it to get out of my system before TTC #2 but in the last two weeks we have had three, yes THREE, condoms break on us. GGGGRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! As soon as one broke I throw out that pack and bought another brand. But come on, three different packs, three different brands (all the well known ones).
    So my questions is what causes a condom to break?? If it happens again I'm going to have to look into another option of contraception.


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    Often too much friction and not enough lubricant will cause them to break. Have you ever had this happen before when using condoms?

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    We've had the same problem but not as many times. (possibly TMI) First time it wasn't me it was the condom being too tight on DP And the 2nd time it was me, not enough lube. It has taken ages for Dp to find a comfy one. I think we went through four or five different brands.

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    id contact the companies!!!

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    Jeez, maybe it's a sign? lol.
    That's a lot to break. I've only ever had 1 break and I have no idea why, something must have been wrong with it.
    Are you using a water based lubricant?

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