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Thread: Contraception and breastfeeding

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    Default Contraception and breastfeeding

    I am fully bfing DS. He is 7 months old, so bfing is well established. At the moment, DH and I are using condoms....ugh! I hate them, he hates them....but I am hesitant to go on any kind of contraception that will mess with my hormones, like the pill. I'm worried it will affect my milk supply. So if you're bfing, (or have been) and taking some kind of cantraceptive that is hormonal, what did you use and how did you find it? Did it change anything in regards to your milk? I'm getting so sick of using condoms....and so don't want to be pregnant right now!!

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    The "Mini-pill" is the one you use when you are breastfeeding.

    Progestogen Only contraceptives such as the mini-pill are the way to go as only the estrogen in the combined pill adversely affects milk supply.
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    I'm not using it now as we're happy with condoms till we TTC again but I used Implanon before TTC last time and I found it fantastic. It is the same as the mini-pill but you don't have to remember to take pills at the same time every day (you have to be pretty precise with the mini-pill) and I didn't have a period the whole time. Loved it.

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    I use depo provera. Its the 3 monthly injection. It is the only thing that is recommended for BFing as it doesn't affect your supply. (In the way of hormone types anyway)
    It doesn't effect your supply at all, but it does have other side effects. If you take the pill OK, then depo should be OK for you too.

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