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    Jan 2009
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    Red face different contraceptives

    short version.
    i went on the pill when i was 16. i had, had my period twice. at age 19 i went off it as i wanted to see what my body would do......
    well apparently it wanted to do nothing! hehe
    i averaged probably 3/4 periods a yr then i thought i would go on the implant( dh and i had been together about 6 months and i wanted to stop using condoms) but i bleed continuosly for 4 months on it and had it removed.
    i havent used any thing since
    ds was concieved about 2 yrs later then dd was concieved 14 months after ds.
    dd is almost 2 and we have decided to put off having more children until i have finished my studies....

    so here is the interesting part....
    i dont really want to go on the pill as its a hormonal contraceptive and im a feisty girl any way so if it doesnt work i dont want to be almost killing my self or harming my kids and dh(yes i fear it could get to that hormanally)
    the implant didnt work right last time so i doubt it would work now...
    what are my other options???
    is there a test to see what i should/could take?
    DH is happy to go back to using condoms but its me who is reluctant....

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    Feb 2009

    Implanon is also a hormonal contraceptive. Its one of the Progestogen only contraceptives - just like the mini pill, depo-provera and mirena - so if you reacted badly to implanon, then there is a chance you would react badly to those guys too.

    The combined hormone contraceptives also come in pill, injectable, patch, and vaginal ring.

    All thats left is natural methods, Barrier methods (including condoms) and the copper IUD.

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    Jul 2007

    IUD i have a few friends who love them.

    Vaginal ring could be worth a try as easy for you to remove if doesnt agree with you


    or Billings method

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    Mar 2008
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    iv been on the pill for 5 years tried many types and after continously bleeding on it my gynae suggested the mirena and i had that put in in jan...i got a infection afterwards but i did have a d&c, camera and biopsys taken aswell, but since then i have had no prblems for me a miracle...iv got pcos, endo and suffer from severe abdo adhesions and iv been told iv got a have hystorectomy at some point in the future.
    the iud made me depressed for the first month (i suffer from depression as it is) but once it had settled down iv had no bleeding continously for me i think its fantastic.
    i had the depo injection beefore i went on the pill and it had the continous bleeding.
    hth love rach xxx