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Thread: Heavy Periods (tmi)

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    Default Heavy Periods (tmi)

    What is classified as a "heavy period" and at what point should one see their gp about it.
    For me, my periods last up to 10days, and during the "heavy" days i will go thru overnight pads about every 2hours, or a super tampon about every hour. Once, 30min.
    Most cycles are like this, i am only in my 9th cycle since Aiden's birth, and i would of maybe had 1, or 2 that have been lighter, but, still heavier then the periods i had before his birth.
    Alot of clotting as well.
    I am worried that this is affecting my ability to fall preg again.
    Does this seem normal, or, should i see my doctor?

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    No harm in getting it checked out, right?

    When are you due for your next pap-smear, or just ask if you need to go to the GP for the flu or something.

    Just an afterthought ... do you have heavy pain with it as well? Only ask because my sis (then 19 and no kids) were also having heavy bleeding along with excrusiating pain, and the gyne found a rather big cyst on her ovaries Like I said, no harm in getting it checked.

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