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Thread: Mid cycle bleeding or short cycle

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    Default Mid cycle bleeding or short cycle

    15 days ago I got AF following having DD (10mths), it now appears it has returned already. Would this be a short cycle or mid cycle bleeding (I'm on the mini pill)? Considering it is the first after 19mths of not having AF will it just take some time for everything to return to normal?

    I really don't want 15 day cycles!

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    Hi welcome to my world *sigh* I bleed for 7 days then have a 7 day break then it starts all over again.. It is getting me down to be honest..

    I got AF back when DD was around 8-9 weeks and was on a 21 day cycle, now i am on a 14 day cycle. I will go to my Dr next week. i am thinking bout asking about the mini pill to see if that will settle them down a bit..

    I also had my tubes tied so I don't know if that had anythin to with it and I also had a fibroid before I fell Pg with DD. As far as i know it is still in there

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