thread: Period Question

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    Aug 2008

    Period Question

    Hey guys...

    I just have a query, didnt know if anyone knew anything or had any info etc...

    I am on the pill and have been for 6 mnths since I got Implanon out... Anyway, last week I had my period... Just a normal period for like 5 days etc... So then it finished and then today, I have woken up and it is back in full swing... ? So I had like 4 days in between.....

    That doesnt seem right... That really shouldnt happen when your on the pill should it? Could it be something more?

    Anyway just wondered if anyone has experienced anything similar.... Thanks girls!

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    Dec 2006
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    Dunno Bec. The body can behave in weird ways. Check with your GP if its worrying you.