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Thread: Return of that time of the month...

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    Default Return of that time of the month...

    I have been breastfeeding for 7months now and i have enjoyed not having a period, its been great. However im wondering when it will return, im a bit scared because im so used to not having them now. Before pregnancy my periods were always painful, im wondering wether they will be worse..

    Oh and ive also started the mini pill 1 month ago...(i dont want another bub too soon!!!)

    So i know everybody is different... but when did your period return and was it a big one considering you didnt have one for ages?!!! And also....

    Has anyone ever fallen pregnant in these months before a period? Im not always good at taking the pill..And DF is not always careful if you know what i mean

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    I can't help with the questions you asked, but in regards to whether the pain will be worse - i have read that because of the nature of the work of the uterus during labour, period pain should be eased, if not entirely eliminated for many women who have been through the labour process.
    I of course may be incorrect, but the less painful periods is something im looking forward to!

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    Hi stacey83,

    I have been bfeeding for 7 months too but AF returned for me when my DS2 was 15 weeks old. This happened when he started sleeping for longer periods at night. It was light and didn't last for very long but the one I had next (which was 38 days later) was horrible!!! Very heavy and lasted over a week. Things are back to normal now though.

    To answer your question about pain, well before I had DS1 I had very painful periods but after having him - and AF returned then exactly one month after birth, even though I was bfeeding - the pain was gone! Still had slight discomfort but nothing like I'd had before being pg.

    Your little man is very cute BTW!

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    With my first my period came back after 5 months and the pain was nearly gone. It was amazing. With my second, I am still BF after 16 months (nearly) and I have yet to have a period. I did have a week of period type cramps that were awful and it disappeared... nothing more and nor period. So.... who knows?

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