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Thread: She's BaaAAaack!

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    AF has returned after a 22 month absence. I started to get some niggling pain yesterday and then this morning - yep she is here. So this means that I am fertile again... and I want another baby but I promised DH not to talk about another one til the end of the year

    As I am still breastfeeding does anyone know if I can start taking the normal pill again? I don't really trust the mini pill cause I am useless at taking it at the same time each day? I don't think DH would be too impressed if we accidentally got a BFP...

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    lol, not like me to celebrate af, but.. woot woot.

    i don't think you can go on the normal pill, i think only the mini pill, which are still just as effective, you just have to be more vigilant with what time you take it.

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