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Thread: Spotting 1 week before AF

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    BeccaLee Guest

    Unhappy Spotting 1 week before AF

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to BellyBelly and this is my 1st question (with many more to come I'm sure!).

    I've got 3 days left of my pill (Trifeme) and AF arrives on Monday. DH and I are very exicted about starting to practice for a bub.

    Before my last period I started spotting about a week before it arrived, spotting was bright red and only when I wee'd...Sorry to get personal. So as I said AF is due next week and I just went to the loo and noticed bright red spots when I wee'd again!!

    Is this normal? As in the 10yrs I've been taking Trifeme I've never spotted and I'm just a little worried as it's happened 2 months in a row...Could it be that my body is telling me it's used to the pill?


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    hi beccalea
    I had spotting 1 week b4 AF due as well , and for another 2 weeks after (mixture of brown and red bloo).

    Turned out to be implantation bleeds for me at 3 week pregnant!

    Any chance of preg???

    Also i was on the pill for 9 years straight (no spotting before sugar pills though in that time) and fell preg before my first real period (after the withdrawl bleed of stopping the pill).

    So my body didnt have an overload of hormones obviously and not used to the pill.

    Hopefully there is nothing ot worry about and good luck with your TTC journey

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    You can get mid cycle spotting for no particular reason on the pill or off it. I had it once and then conceived on the next cycle (was not on the pill at the time). Try not to worry too much about it, you will probably find though that it stops once you get off the pill.

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    yep i agree with both them ladies

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    BeccaLee Guest


    No chance of being preg...

    Thank you Do feel better now and I'm sure it's nothing to worry about...Will see how I go when I come off the pill.

    It's great to come to a place and talk to other women about this stuff! So thanks again


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    BeccaLee Guest


    Ooohh and good luck to all of you as well

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