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Thread: tell me about the nuva ring...

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    Default tell me about the nuva ring...

    how much does it cost?

    did you have any side affects?

    can you use it while breast feeding?

    and anything else you might like to add!!


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    Got one a month ago...
    Cost - $30 per month (but I just got a three pack which was a bit cheaper)
    Side Effects - Yep, made me a bit moody, but I think that settles with use... Have not been using it long, so not sure if there are any others.
    I am not bf... so I cant comment on that. sorry
    It is easy to use, and handy. Um, not really sure what to say. I am not planning on using it long term, DH is making things more permanent soon, so I can come of birth control. But it seems to be an easy short term solution for me... Dont know if it effective in preventing a pregnancy, as I only have one month to go on, but that was 100% effective....
    Good luck in choosing. xo

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