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Thread: when to start the pill after a miscarriage?

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    Default when to start the pill after a miscarriage?

    i miscarried on the 29th of March, my bleeding has just stopped now (i am still wearing a thin liner, but the heavy bleeding has stopped) i was wondering when i should/could start back on the pill?

    i have a prescription, which i got from the doctor about a week before i had the miscarriage (we didnt know i was pg..) i havent gone and got it yet, perhaps the pharmacist could tell me? at the hospital, they said to expect AF to retun in about 4-6 weeks, but that i will probably ovulate in 2 weeks or so..

    im not too worried, as DTD isnt high up on my priority list at the moment, i just cant get the images of bleeding and losing tissue out of my head... that doesnt help with wanting to DTD (poor dp!)

    if anyone has been in this situation, id love to know what you did... i would assume some people dont go back on the pill straight away, but i dont think i could handle being pg any time soon!!

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    i was told i could go on the pill staright away as soon as my next af had returned... i would especially if u dont wanna fall pg atm?

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