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Thread: Your cycle after prolonged BF?

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    Default Your cycle after prolonged BF?

    I have been BF for almost 19 months with no AF. This Monday, 3 weeks ago I got the pain that I used to get when I was ovulating. I felt a pop and presumed that I had ovulated for the first time again. The pain was exactly the same as I used to get and I could feel my ovaries were very enlarged. But no AF since then. I did a HPT 14 DPO but a BFN. I have increased discharge for the past week to the extent that I have to wear a panty liner and have to change it during the day. So is this how it goes when your cycle starts coming back? Very irregular or was that not ovulation? Any ideas as to what is going on?

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    my Af returned after 8 months PP and I am still bfeeding a 20 month old...

    my cycles are totally irregular and im not ovulating i dont think, It wasnt always like this

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