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Thread: Indigenous Cultures

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    Just thought i would add a little bit about what i have learnt in my studies etc.
    Within Western Australia it has been broken into 5 states(territories) and within these states there are 55 language groups. The names of each territory is:
    1. Nyoongar
    2. Yamitji
    3. Wongatha/ wongi
    4. Pilbara
    5. kimberley's - east and west.
    The reason why 4 and 5 dont have traditional names is because each has managed to maintain their tribal names.

    If you look along the time line of aboriginal culture from 1829 it was seen as a native problem (general veiw in the white mans eyes) right up untill the 1900's, thats when the 1905 act came into play. 1934 the Mosely report came out - this is where all the states within WA went to canberra to state that in 50yrs time there will be no ab'l people in WA.
    Around this time also was when Cheif Protector - A.O.Neville bought out the casting system. All people that were half/quater and octogan was pretty much placed within white families with the hope of eventually fading out full blooded aboriginals.

    The 1905 ACT was designed to provide better conditions - in practice to control every aspect of the aboriginal people lives, supposely for their own good. Stayed enforced well into the 60's.

    From the 1900-1962 all monies earned by ab'l people was given to the government. They then had to get permission to use this money.
    In 1946 with the human rights act coming of age Aboriginal people were not mentioned at all during the convention!!

    Some interesting facts:

    If they went out after curfew(6pm) they could get jail for 6mths.
    Ab'l people had to have permits to work on farms and farmers had to have permits to allow ab'l people to work on their farms.
    Half cast children felt lost - not knowing where they come from/belong = lost culture/lost language etc.

    1914 - land was being taken from the tribes.
    1934-1947 - The administration era, half casts basically were accepted and only the white in them was recogonised.
    1962 - women got to vote if they had a passport.
    1967 Finally aboriginal people became legal and were considered equal to white people. Thats also when the referendum come into play.

    If you are interested in more look into the reports of 'Bringing them home' and 'Black deaths in custody'. Interesting reads.
    A great documentry to watch is - 'A secert country'

    Hope this helps a bit at looking into a very small section of the past about aboriginal people.

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    Thankyou lana Very interesting. Too busy to reply properly but just wanted to show my appreciation

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    Thank you lanaktb, that is sad and interesting stuff.

    It really highlights just how it was such a "planned" excercise to eraticate such an innocent people. Maybe you should ditto that info into the Sorry thread- might make some of those people suddenly feel a little....oh...... um..... sorry?

    I think it is so sad that so much has been lost- i think its great that people are out there trying to put back the peices. I have really enjoyed reading about the Aboriginal Culture, yet it always sadens (sp) me to know that there is soooo much not in books that we may never know...

    I have done a lot of worlly pondering and i have always looked at Australia in its isolation as a key to our true origins and alot of religious issues. This place was so rich with life that had been self sufficient- away from the worlds influences (on a vast sense- there were a few visitors along the way- BYKWIM) for centuries- maybe and possibly thousands of centuries- They must have known something about the universe and such things and how they fit within it.

    and i see that maybe they were meant to preserve such knowledge and one day be able to share it- i still hope that somewhere along the line- not everything has been lost.

    It has come up in another thread that perhaps this thread should be named Aboriginal Culture rather than Indigenous Culture- ( i def understand the reason explained- and its true- Indigenous applies to most if not all native people of lands where ever they are) Its just that as a few people have discussed here- i was a little unsure if Aboriginal or Aborigine was the appropriate term to use- i think i will change it ebough to satisfy......

    Mod can I please change the title to Australian Indigenous Culture- TIA

    Thankyou everyone for your contributions!
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    KAZBAH - check out the Burrinja Cafe up your way.
    The ABC often has traditional stories on just before Playschool starts.

    I remember that story about the frog - in fact I realise I know quite a few Dreamtime stories. I think mum and dad must have really encouraged us to read them.

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