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Thread: Questions about christenings/baptisms

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    Smile Questions about christenings/baptisms


    One of Laila's little friends is getting baptised/christened tomorrow and I have never been to one before!
    So I'm just wondering what goes on at one? I have a bit of an idea, we are christians but aren't Catholic or Anglican etc so my church experience is quite different!
    What do you usually buy for a gift? Would a little childrens/baby bible be nice? Or too much?
    How dressed up should you get? (Is it just like going to church, or more fancy?)


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    I would dress in normal Church attire, ex black pants & nice top or a skirt...something along those lines. Dont really have to get too dressed up I wouldn't think. Its a noraml Sunday church service usually, just with the Christening part in the middle - that doesn't take too long. I don't think there's a right or wrong with gifts, there are several choices. Charlie got a bible that has been compacted, so to speak & it's much easier to read & for that I love it & will read it to him. Or you could get a prayer book, often people give a silver money box etc.

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    How did the christening go Lee? What did you end up buying him/her?

    Lucy got a lovely range of gifts for her christening, some traditional, others less so. She got a children's bible from the church and a Holy Bible and a silver spoon from her godfather and his wife. A gold cross on a chain (for when she's older) from her godmother, a Brambly Hedge breakfast set, Bunnykins set, Miffy toy, Beatrix Potter book, a different Bunnykins set, silver photo frame, gold bracelet from her aunt, her christening blanket and little pants from her other aunt and I can't quite remember what else.

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    What lovely pressies!! How beautiful for Lucy!

    In the end we got a little Baby Bible (like with hard, thick baby proof pages lol). But you know what, we didn't actually get go as we had the worst night the night before with Laila, and were having a shocker of a morning. We were even half way dressed then went this is too much of a struggle so we didn't go. You know- just one of those bad days! So frustrating!

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    Oh how disappointing for you Lee! I forgot to mention someone also got Lucy a lovely little baby Nativity story, a board book with sparkles and toucy feely bits that I thought was great - especially with Xmas so close.

    Hope you haven't had too many of those bad days since!

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