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    Dearest Angel,

    Happy 1st birthday sweetheart. There is not a day that dosen't go by and I don't think of you. I have your box full of memories that I made next to my bed so that you are always close by.

    Thank you for sending Aiden to us, he is just beautiful. I know that you are too watching over him as his guradian angel.

    I just finshed planting a beautiful flower in a very special white pot for you. I potted it so that If we ever move I can take it with me.

    I cry as I write this to you, but I look at Aiden and I thank you.

    love always
    mummy xxx

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    (HUGS) happy 1st bday to your angel

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    Thanks Lindsay

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    Happy 1st Birthday to your beautiful angel baby and big to mummy....

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    Kez and happy birthday little Angel.

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    Happy 1st Birthday to your angel and big hugs to you

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    Happy first birthday beautiful angel

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