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Thread: he or she is gone!

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    Default he or she is gone!

    I have been trying for a baby for over 2 years could not figure out when I was ovulating because of irregular periods. Then pretty much got advice to try as much as you can no matter what. Well I finally succeded I kinda knew it I felt very different. I decided to wait just to make sure I was then I started to cramp horribly like I have never felt befor in my life without any blood then the next day was at work and had sever pain that I could not even walk and I was feeling like I was gunna faint. went to check and I was bleeding so much it was runnin like water and this is verry uncommon for me Just nothing like I have ever felt befor in my life the blood loss was like never befor as well I knew there was somthing wrong from the first day. This carried on for 4 days then on the 5th day wich was yesterday MOTHERS DAY that the baby passed threw. I had to bring the remains in the hospital so they can evaluate what exactly it was and such and yes it was a embro that was 4 weeks along.I hope next time along we can make it here I prey everyday for a baby. I just don't understand why mothers day would this baby pass

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    sorry to hear that nixsy, big hugs to you

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    im so sorry..

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    Yeah. It's a pretty horrible process, Nixy.

    I hope that you are OK and that you try again for another baby. Don't let this stop you.


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    nixsy-- So very sorry to hear of your loss! What a terrible shame it happened, but even more so on Mother's day, that had to be extremely hard. Give yourself the time you need to grieve--it's a long process, and some days will be easier/harder than others. Go easy on yourself, hun. I pray that when you're ready to begin trying again, it happens quickly and easily for you! You're at the right place for comfort and support, so please know you're always welcome to ask any questions you may have, or even just to vent. We've all been there, so we know what those dark days can be like!

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    Default I feel for you

    The same thing happened to me last week. You are in my thoughts and prayers x

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