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    Unhappy loss

    I am new here. I joined this forum because I feel like I need to share my story and hear from others who have experienced the same and hopefully have positive stories to share.
    I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks with my first pregnancy. I was devastated. Then got pregnant again quickly and had a perfectly normal/healthy pregnancy. My son is 2 years old now. Then in February this year decided to try for a second. Got pregnant in March and was scared to death although everyone reassured me- you had a healthy pregnancy last time. And sure enough my fears were right...a week after my BFP I started having spotting and had an ultrasound that showed that i miscarried. I had only known I was pregnant for one week...and yet it hurt so much. Now I am trying so hard to be positive but I am so scared that the same thing will continue to happen. I had bloodtests done and everything was "normal".

    Just a month ago we were surprised we got pregnant so quickly and in no particular hurry and now,since the miscarriage I feel like I am dying to have another baby. How do I stay positive? How do I know it wont just keep happening? None of my friends have had miscarriages or my sister and I feel alone. I am dying to try to conceive again and at the same time scared to death. I feel bad for my son because I am certainly distracted.

    Sorry for the lengthy post- I just needed to get it off my chest

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    I am sorry to hear of your loss.

    I guess that pg is certainly not a sure thing. I don't have all of the answers at all, but hope that everything works out for you.

    I guess I could be blaze and say - you just need to get back on the horse. Every time it bucks you off, you've just got to say "you're not going to beat me!!".

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    Default Hugs to you

    I would just like to say i know what you are going through, I had a miscarriage too, my first pregnancy was good and we had a lovely little boy then i got pregnant again and only new for a few days before i started to bleed and lost the baby, I was devastated, not at first though as the pregnancy wasnt planned and our little boy was only young but after comming home from hospital it all hit me, I also didnt know what to do strugling between trying again to conceive straight away or not. It is such a terrible thing and to be honest i dont really have any advice but i have gone on to have another healthy little boy and that pregnancy was fine. When it all happened i just tried to tell myself that it wasnt ment to be and my baby was better of in heaven happy and health.
    I hope you go on the have more happy children and i wish you the best of luck!!.

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