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    i was just wondering does anyone no where i could get name giving ceritificates... i would really like to get one for Tyson, Kate and Hydie. it would be such a help.. thank you all for you support u all have been a great help to my partner and myself.

    me 17 partner 18
    Tyson and Kate march 15th 2006
    Hydie sep 18th 2007

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    hi hun, i can't be of help with that but i wanted to send you a hug and hope you are doing ok. xx

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    Bek, you might be able to get one through a celebrant? We got a really nice certificate for Aricyn on his naming day, so you might be able to find a nice celebrant who understands what you guys are going through and makes one up for you :-) Worth a try hun... :-)
    Good luck....

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    After we lost jack (17 wks) we were given one from the hospital esp for the fact we had lost him and was part of an amazing but heartbreaking pack they made up for us. With my other 2 kids i have got beautiful keepsake ones from a celebrant who did their naming days. I'm not sure which state you are from but if you are from vic let me know and i can forward her details. She recently did jacks service before his cremation so is very sensitive to our situations as she has done other before. I really hope you find something that suits you and your angels!

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    I think you can get them through SANDS too

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    hi there - I am sorry for your losses
    Try SANDS (VIC) - Merchandise and Publications Catalogue
    I have gotten one from there

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