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    Just wanted to tell my story about loosing our beautiful littlew boy Borck.

    My pregnancy was normal, other than a 17 week period of horrible "all day sickness" I was fine! All my scans were clear. I ate everything I was meant to and nothing I wasnt, kept up with some light exercise and really tried to look after myself 100%
    On the 17th of november (22 weeks 4 days) i was fluffing around the house as normal. At around 1.30pm i went to the bathroom and noticed a clear white mucus in my undies with a slight pink tinge to it. I called my hospital immedietly and they advised me to visit my local hospital and have it checked before i drove the hour drive to them. My partner took me to the hospital only to be confronted by a midwife who was obviously having a bad day and didnt care too much to check anything out. She listened to my babys strong and clear heart beating and sent us home telling us it was all normal. She didnt think she needed to do an internal, even after i told her i thouht i could feel my cervix very low and enlarged. Being first time parents we believed this advise and left. At about 6pm that night i noticed the same discharge and this time my Mum (who's house we awere at for dinner) drove me striaght to my hospital. They took me in straight away, performed an internal with a speculum and the doctors look on his face was enough to scare anyone. They proceeded to tell me that what i was feeling was my membranes bulging and that i was suffering from cervical imcompetence. I was deverstated.
    They advised me that this was my home from now onwards and it would be a short stay with a bad ending or a long stay with a good ending. My mum called my partner and he came straight down. They performed an ultrasound and there was my baby heathy and happy. They loaded me with iv drips and filled me with antibiotics to prevent infection, tilted the bed backwards to get gravity to help and checked my stats every 30.
    I was transferred to my room at 2am in the morning and i continued to sleep.
    Woke the next morning to find out that the hopes of putting in a cervical stich were gone and that i needed to hold on at least 10 more days to give my baby the best chance. At 3pm that afternoon i started to bleed out, the doctors rushed from everywhere and they told me that i was going into labour, i was going to have my baby today and there was nothing they could do.
    At 9.03pm on the 18th November, 2006 our beautiful baby boy was born and named "Brock". He weighed a healthy 540 grams (more than average) and was 30.50 centremeters in length (alos bigger than normal). He was so perfect to look at and so soft to hold. I held my boy for the next few hours and tried to understand what was happening. We cremated our boy and he remains next to our bed.
    I cry almost everyday for Brock and cant understand what life is about. My anger at my local hospital for advising me that it was normal and sent me home with no examination. Those precious 6 hours could have bought me a stich. I am angry, frustrated, sad, lonely, feel empty and confused...

    We love you Baby Boy......

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    Hey Lisa!

    Nice to see you here

    Take care hunxxxx

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    Hi Lisa and welcome,

    Thankyou for sharing such a heartfelt story - you brought tears to my eyes, i cant imagine what you have goen through.

    All the best with your little girl and your preciousl little bundle on the way


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    Hi Lisa,

    I am so so sorry for your devastating loss of your beloved baby Brock. I am sure he is still with you in spirit.
    I am so glad you have your lovely girl and a new bundle on the way...
    Welcome to BB..

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    Hi Lisa

    Thank you for sharing your story. I am so sorry for the loss of your baby boy Brock. Your story bought tears to my eyes, as your sadness was so evident. I am so glad to see that you have had a girl and another on the way. Take care.

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