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    Two years ago I lost my baby at 24wks. He had Trisomy 13. Emmanuel had multiple physical deformities as well as other conditions. I was just wanting to hear from people who have been through similar experience. I have just found that when I tell people about my baby and his condition they seem to treat me like some sort of freak for having a baby with such deformities. It's hard enough going through the loss of a baby but when you say the word "deformities" their attitude changes. How do you cope with people's reactions?

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    I cant help you as i havent been throught that. But i just wanted to give you a hug as that terrible that people would treat you that way when you are talking about your baby.
    Deformitys happen for unknown reasons and ther is nothing that anyone can do to prevent them, people sometimes can be so rude.


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