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Thread: Ballarat Dentist ? ... Can anyone recommend a fantastic one ??

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    smiles4u Guest

    Question Ballarat Dentist ? ... Can anyone recommend a fantastic one ??

    Hi all,

    As I'm originally from Melb, I have decided I need a Dentist in the area I now live in Ballarat ( and I no longer want to travel the distance to Melb to see my Dentist of nearly 20years ).

    I'm hoping someone can recommend a great Dentist, preferably a Dental Surgery that is up to date with modern techniques, etc ...

    Hope someone can help

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    When I moved to Ballarat, a very lovely Ballarat native pointed me towards the Potter dental group and they have been very helpful and they have hicaps so you only have to pay the difference if you have private health insurance.

    Ph: 5338 8412.
    804A Mair St.


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    MollysMum Guest


    Are you still needing one? I saw a great one a few months ago in Lydiard Street

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    smiles4u Guest


    Hi ya MollysMum ...

    Yes, sadly i am still looking for a greatly recommended Dentist in Ballarat

    ... I was starting think no one here goes to a Dentist as those i have asked will say something like " Oh, i went to a great Dentist years ago or i know someone who goes to a good Dentist " - i think that means they don't go to one, augh

    I would so appreciate any great recommendations for a Dentist here ... and if you don't mind my asking if you just had a scale & clean or did you have some work done too ?? (Any approx price $$ for the service i would love to know too if that's ok ... it just gives me an idea)

    Thanks a million & you have a super weekend !!!!!

    Cheers from Lorelle

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    Anne Stewart at the Drummond St Dental Practice is lovely and has a great reputation. I don't go to her as I live in Melbourne now but my family is still in Ballarat and recommend her.

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    smiles4u Guest

    Thumbs up

    Oh THANK YOU heaps for that Nai ... i will look into it

    (You must have Esp Nai as i was thinking tonight whether i should go a female Dentist this time ... sounds strange hey, not like i'm gonna have a pap smear there )

    Anyway, you have a super night ... and THANKS again ... Hugs from Lorelle xox

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    MollysMum Guest


    I went to Lydiard Street Dental Clinic - 5331 2061. I was working in B'Rat at the time (I live in bacchus Marsh) and had broken one of my molars, all the dentists I tried before this one weren't taking new patients, but the female dentist I saw was amazing. They got me in really quickly too. I'll look up her name tonight and post it.

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    smiles4u Guest

    Thumbs up

    MollysMum ... Oh, YES i would be interested in the female dentist's name

    ... come to think of it i will PM you too

    Cheers from Lorelle

    P.S - Don't know why but i can't get through to send you a message ?? ... Hope you see this post
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