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    Actually its probably nothing to worry about. As soon as a mother kisses a child, the bacteria will have colonised the mouth. So sucking on the dummy wont do much . Its only an issue if parents have a high risk of periodontal disease or caries. One of the discussions we had in university was whether it was practical or not to keep uncles/ or aunts / relatives with confirmed virulent strains of bacteria from kissing spreading their germs to the children, ie quarantining the child from these diseases.

    In the end the consensus was its completely impractical. '

    Glad you like the nickname.. its kind of stuck since Uni!

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    I was using Sensodyne .. but found the Oral-B (Sensitive with Fluroride) just as effective and CHEAPER $$ too .. Sometimes it's also on special at Coles (tastes nice too)

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    I would recommend Colgate with whitening I have been using it from last 5 years and am satisfied with it. It is very good and keep your teeth white and shiny.

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