thread: TTC shortly- Does pregnancy cause any dental complications?

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    Smile TTC shortly- Does pregnancy cause any dental complications?

    I'm not sure if the post title made much sense bu the reason I ask is, my partner and I will be TTC very shortly.
    In the past I have had a few dental issues that many would consider as minor (a few fillings).

    Background is- I grew up being raised by my grandma. My parents owned a business and worked 24/7. She didn't teach me very good oral hygiene in my early years, as she was old. Midway through primary school my parents stepped in. My teeth weren't in perfect shape but they were OK.
    I started going to the dentist, had a few filling done and since then they've been fine. I get regular 6 month check ups every year, and x-rays done to make sure the fillings are holding up. I'm very committed.

    My last dental check up showed that one of my front teeth which had a small filling previously needed to be re-done. Even though it had never caused me any issue. No pain nor discomfort, so I let them re-do it. The dentist that re-did my filling said that there was a bit of extra decay left over from years ago which she had to fix. She said that it's NOT very likely, but because she had to drill so far, one day I may (but she emphasized on the 'NOT likely' part) need a root canal. Which really freaked me out!!! I've spent so many of my young adult years trying to get my teeth perfect, and not to mention the money I've spent... I felt depressed and more so embarrassed.
    Due to all the lack of oral hygiene as a child I also had gum issues in the past which are nearly 100% better.

    Next month I am getting my wisdom teeth out, teeth slightly whitened and Invisalign braces before the end of this year.
    What I am wondering is, I have gone through all this effort and still am putting in a lot of effort to get my teeth looking perfect again will pregnancy compromise any of this?

    This may sound stupid but, does becoming pregnant increase gum infections/ decay in teeth? I'm stressing over losing my teeth in my quest to fall preg...

    I will continue with 6 monthly check ups. Brushing 2 or 3 times a day, flossing and mouth wash as I regularly do.

    Any advice would be helpful and appreciated (oh and of course I will speak to my dentist when I go there next about all this, I just wanted to get some opinions in the mean while so i can hopefully stop racking my brain!)

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    I have just had braces taken off (and am currently 8 months pg!). The only difficulty that dental work can have when pregnant is that they cannot do x-rays. so we opted to get the braces, fillings etc all done in one go before we started TTC.

    Once you have the invisalign on there should be no problems that the pregnancy would contribute to. especially if you maintain good dental hygeine practices. I have had one issue with my teeth since the braces have come off, but again this was to do with the braces compromising the health of my teeth (creating too much pressure when separating - i had crowding) and this caused a crack in the back molar. but again, not pg related, just the nature of teeth!


    oh and another thing i had to take into consideration when i was pg was that i had to stop using high fluoride products (my dentist had me using some mega stuff so switched back to normal).

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    also remember to make sure you're getting lots of calcium - there will be a second set of bones growing in there and draining your supply.

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    I've just been to the dentist - all was good except my gums. Apparently during pregnancy even a little bit of plaque can cause havoc with gums, so I need to floss more.

    I also made sure I had x-rays etc before TTC.