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Thread: Anyone doing BMid externally through UniSA???

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    Default Anyone doing BMid externally through UniSA???

    Hey Guys,

    I'm looking into applying for the BMid through UniSA. I would have to do the degree externally as I live on the Gold Coast.

    I'm wondering if I might be able to pick the brains of anyone who is already doing/or has completed this degree.

    I have contemplated doing BMid through University of QLD and ACU in Brisbane but the distance factor makes it a little difficult.

    I'm just wanting to know some more about the structure of the course through UniSA.

    The BMid through UQ is very much like a return to the old hospital based training except with a university component. EG: From week 5 onwards in first year you have problem based training at the Royal brisbane Hospital on mondays, Wed & Thu is a clinical skills shift in either the antenatal clinic, postnatal ward and from the second semester onwards, in the birth suits as well, then fridays are non compulsory lecures at the uni. So as you can see pretty much from the beginning you are largely in a hospital environment. Is the BMid through UniSA a little like this? Also at UQ they just focus on 1 subject per month, have a monthly assignment for each subject and then they have a final exam combining 3 subjects at a time.

    The third year is entirely prac at a hospital. 8 shifts per f/night for the first semester then 10 shifts per f/night in the second semester. As the degree was new at UQ last year the students are hoping to get pay for their placements in the third year but this has not been decided yet.

    I'd love it if someone would be able to fill me in on the structure of the course through UniSA. I realise that there are times when I need to travel to Adelaide, but how often would this have to happen? Also is it difficult to get a placement in a hospital where you live? As i have a baby it would be impossible for me to travel to Adelaide for all the hospital placements so I'd be hoping that i could negotiate a placement with the Gold Coast hospital or something.

    Thanks for listening. I'd love to hear any info you may have on this

    (wannabe midwife)

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    Hi Tamara,

    I know you PM'd me but thought I'd let you know, at UniSA the course layout/structure is the same for internal and external students- it is just the mod eof education that is different. The only other difference is that you will be required to attend the Uni for workshops at designated times (usually close to prac) whereas internals usually have regular lab sessions.
    As I mentioned in my PM, you should be able to do all your placements in your home state but do be prepared to travel for them (i.e. maybe an hour away). Placements in nursing and mid are very difficult to obtain in some areas so you need to take whatever you can get... but do try and experience different hospitals/institutions so you can get a feel for the different ways things are done. During my degree, I never met anyone who wasn't able to get a placement (nursing) near their residence or in an area they nominated and that included students from almost every State and Territory.

    HTH and hope you get/got in!


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    hey thanks MG

    Since writing this thread I've decided I definatley want to be a registered nurse AND a registered midwife so I'm going to do the BN through Charles Darwin University then I'll do the Masters of Midwifery though Griffith University locally.

    I've chosen CDU over UniSA because you only have to go to Darwin once in the first year for the Clinical Teaching block before your first prac, then it's only one CTB per year and I may be able to do the second and third year CTB's at a satallite centre, whereas I think at UniSA you have to go to Adelaide 2 or 3 times a year?

    thanks again for your reply.


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    Good on you for making a decision - it isn't an easy one! The current requirements at UniSA are a trip in first year (but no placement) and then I think only one in both second and third years. I think I have that right, I have a friend studying BNursing there at the moment but can't completely recall what she said about going back to SA as she keeps chaging her load and confusing me!

    All the best with your studies!


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