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    removing red eye

    for some reason, every photo i take of krystal, she has 'red eye' i have the thing turned on on the camera thats meant to stop it, but it still happens.

    we took a heap of xmas photos of our mums group kids yesterday, and in every one, krystal is the only one with red eye!

    i usually use the kodak program on my computer to reduce it, but for some reason, one eye didnt work, now its like bright white/red.. grr

    i really want to fix it before i print them tomorrow, i have photoshop, but cant figure out how to do it.


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    Mar 2004

    It's unrelated and I don't want to be alarmist but maybe if she's the only one with red-eye and the other children don't have it maybe you should get her eyes checked out. I saw a show about a little boy with an eye problem once and they picked it up because he never got red-eye in photos. Obviously Krystal is the opposite but it might be that her eyes are behaving differently to the other children's eyes.

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    Open the photos with Microsoft Office Picture Manager (I think it's a standard application on most PCs) and you can choose to edit the photos and remove red-eye. I find it works pretty well.

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    DoubleK Guest

    thanks Dach, i have actually thought about that myself, about a month ago, i realised that pretty much every pic has red eye, occasionaly another person in the photo will, but Krystal ALWAYS..

    i will mention it to my MCHN when i see her!

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    Does she have really blue eyes?... I've had this problem in photo's since i was a kid because my eyes are such a light blue (kind of transparent looking), I used to model & all of the photographers would comment that it often happened to people with very light coloured eyes.

    Photoshop has an auto-correct option for red eyes in tools, What version do you have?

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    I find that in most of my photos the kids have red eyes but that as they are always looking directly into the camra while others my not be plus DD1 always has redder eyes which sometimes the photo shop wont fix but she has a different colour blue than the other two its more intense blue while the other two have the same kind of blue eye which is lighter with a slight green haze over them Like I know they will go green when they are teens just like I did but I think DD1 will keep her blue so maybe it just that her eyes are just bluer then everyone else.iykwim

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    DoubleK Guest

    i have version 10.0 apparently. lol

    she does have blue eyes, they are quite bright blue. its just a pain when i cant remove it, it really ruins the pics!

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    DoubleK Guest

    i still cant find the red eye thing in photoshop..

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