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Thread: Down Syndrome

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    I wonder if it would be ok to mention here there's a new forum called DS Down Under which provides support/networking for people involved with Down Syndrome in some way. DS Down Under - Log in


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    i have just had a baby bon with down syndrome and just wanted to ta;lk to other woman who also have down sydrome babies? my lil man is only just 1 month old. my email is also [email protected] feel free to add me?

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    Hi Sam and welcome to this support section. We look forward to getting to know you a little better and hearing more of your story.

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    Hi Cas,

    My BIL has Downs. He's 27 and healthy as an Ox
    My MIL was only 21 when she had Nick so he was a big surprise as it is widely thought that only "older women" have DS babies..... which isn't the case.
    We were also told that he would die before his 5th b'day and it would be easier for everyone to just place him in care .....GRRRRRR!!!!!!! I HATE people who spout rubbish like that.
    Because my DH was only a year above Nick and my other BIL Shaun came along as a surprise about 18months later Nick developed really well purely by coping his big and little brother.
    Infact Nick only started to "regress" when he was put into special school for high school as back then a mainstream school wouldn't take him. When I say "regress" he got lazy with his speech etc and it makes him hard to understand whereas everyone tells me that before he went there he spoke as clearly as anyone else
    He has a couple of probs though which we are told is quite normal for DS kids. He has a form of OCD (at the moment he hates the word "yes" and he throws out toilet rolls) a couple of years ago he would throw out anything that wasn't nailed down (that one was fun he threw out all my shoes once ) and a couple of months ago he had an obsession with going to the toilet.
    The challenge my IL's are facing at the moment is that he has started to show signs of dementia - sadly once again something that is not abnormal in DS.
    Just little things like setting the table (counting out plates etc) has become a challenge for him and he has also started to have short term memory probs.
    But he's so cool and funny. A great judge of character (if Nick doesn't want a bar of someone there is usually a bloody good reason why) and he's always the life of the party - whenever there is music playing he is the first one in there to have a dance .... even if it's only the music they play at teh servo while your filling up

    Anyways I didn't realise how much I have been rambling on - sorry!!!
    They are the greatest kids and they bring so much to your lives - I'd never been around disabled people before meeting Nick and in the 6 years I've known him he's taught me something new everyday and I feel really blessed to know that my kids are going to be able to realise that just because someone looks different that doesn't mean you should treat them that way

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