thread: Infantile Eczema, Breastfeeding, and Dairy...

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    Infantile Eczema, Breastfeeding, and Dairy...


    My little 5 week old Hannah has infantile eczema, she also tends to vomit a lot about an hour or so after meals...I am wondering if there could be something in my diet that could be causing an allergic reaction? I've read somewhere that cow's milk proteins can make their way into breast milk and cause problems for bubs...

    Just wondering if anyone else has tried eliminating dairy products from their diet while breastfeeding a baby with eczema, and if it helped at all?

    Other treatments I've tried have been bathing her using QV oil, and lathering her in sorbolene straight after the bath. I've been doing this for about a week and a half, but her eczema is still there (though marginally better).

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    I have heard of people doing elimination diets & bf'ing, I did try a few things to cut down on reflux for Matilda and with a Natropath did a 10 day trial of no dairy. Usually elimination diets take around 2-4 weeks to show any results in our case Matilda actually got a lot worse during that time & I had to comp feed her with special formula that was based with cow's milk so I stopped the elimination diet on me. Our two weeks weren't too hard, I'm not that into dairy anyway and have no problem not eating it. If you want an idea of what I ate I can email you a few days worth, just email me

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    hi juliette

    my ds had problems with dairy. you could try eliminating dairy from your diet and try soy do it for around a week and if it clears up then introduce dairy again if it flairs up you will know that it's the dairy. this is called a challenge test or something which we had to do with my ds when he was around 8mths old (he was allergic to dairy, nut, egg, dog, cat, feathers, dust and grass - he is allergy free from most now except the nut)

    you could ask about a great cream called Elidel it is expensive (around $40 a little tube) and only available on prescription but the great thing about it, it is not a steroid cream. i also use a product called natural instincts for the bath (if you read qv still has some chemicals in it) the stuff i use is all natural and smells devine. also moisturise heaps with the sorbelen and maybe not to many baths at least hannah doesn't really need one every day right now.

    good luck

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    The great thing that I use is MediHoney non-steriod cream. Helps my 10mth old (has had it since april / may) Got it checked out as someone thought he had slapped face (contagous infection looks similar to eczema)
    As it was it wasn't slapped face and was eczema. My sister in law is also a natropath and said that Cheese, tomato and strawberry have strong skin irritation properties in them so I cut them out of his diet and seems ok. But I will also try a lactose free formula too and see how that goes too. Also real sea salt water is said to have miraculous healing properties for eczema sufferers.


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    I have just started my Hannah on a 50/50 mixture of formula and cows milk and have noticed she has eczma patches appearing. I saw a naturapath today and she recommended removing dairy from her diet but said not yo use soy as its properties are too similar to dairy (that was a new one for me). As I have simlar problems she said to try rice milk instead.

    Are reactions to dairy common when you switch from formula? If so Id love to know what other people have done.