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Thread: Advice on being forced to use a Chinese name

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    I had problem this with my ILs.
    FIL already had a name picked out and MIL thought we were going to name it after her. Luckily SIL used MILs name so that was a non-issue and we just ignored FILs name.
    In the end, to keep it fair, we picked names that weren't from either of our cultures. FIL still tried to call Yasin by his name but Yasin never answered to it so he's given up lol.

    I don't see any reason to give your child a Chinese name if you don't like any of them but to me it seems fair that if you reject your DH's culture when you select names that you should also reject your own.

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    Perhaps a compromise where the in-laws could arrange a special naming ceremony to give baby a Chinese name.

    While it won't be on the birth certificate, this may help them feel that they were listened to and that their culture was respected (if you're comfortable doing this).

    I agree with a previous poster; this type of situation will set a precedence for your extended-family dynamic, but there's no reason everyone can't be happy if you meet in the middle.

    Good luck!

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    A difficult one but I feel its yours and your Husbands choice not theirs...if you and your DH have named your child then stick to your guns Families often have the best intentions but can more often then not come across pushy. My Husband is the only one in his family that can carry on the Family Last name and I am pregnant with a Boy so I know the pressue of picking a family name

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