thread: middle name dilemma

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    Jan 2008

    middle name dilemma

    Hey everyone

    I am due with boy #4 (1 in heaven) and have had an idea about a middle name but it is a bit weird....

    I love Morgan for a first name, but have been stuck for a middle name as all family connections have been used up with my other sons!!! So I thought, well my name (Brodie) is a boys name, what about that?? Hubby thinks no, he will always know he was named after a girl. What do you guys think??

    My other choices are:
    Morgan Brodie
    Morgan Darcy
    Morgan James
    Morgan Darcy James (My eldest and hubby have 2 middle names)

    I must be a bit sentimental my other boys middle names are all after family members. I do have 2 brothers, but I can't use 1 without the other being left out iykwim? If I used their names it would be:

    Morgan Benjamin Jordan; (their 1st names) or
    Morgan Blake James (their 2nd names)

    What do you guys think?? any suggestionas appreciated

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    Jul 2006
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    I like Morgan Darcy James and Morgan Blake James. I have to agree with your hubby about using your name as his middle name. Good luck, middle names are so difficult!

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    Oct 2007

    Im a big fan of two middle names!
    I think Morgan Darcy James sounds fab!

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    Oh, Morgan Brodie sounds so great ... and may i add - Why not a son named after his beautiful Mother !! - I just think that is just so special

    My middle name is Jane is after my Mum's StepFather James whom she adored (she thought Jane sounded closest)

    Was considering naming our DD's middle name Addison after her Dad Adam but he didn't like it ... so we agreed on a name with the same initial as her Dad's first name "A".

    If you DH doesn't agree on Brodie as a boy's middle name ... Why not choice a middle name starting with " B " ??

    All the best in deciding ... Hope he comes around to Brodie

    (I too like two middle names ... I have two middle names & our DD has two middle names !!)
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    Jan 2008
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    Isn't the an AFL player named Brody?

    I don't think it is especially girly (I think the 'ie' spelling makes it a bit more girly)

    Morgan Darcy James or Morgan Brody James has a lovely ring to it!

    Good luck

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    Jan 2008

    ooh thanks guys just showed my mum she thinks it is a great idea!! Hubby is grunting in the background....ah well i know I'll have the final say after the agony of childbirth!!

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    Apr 2007
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    I agree with catherinemoses that I think its the 'ie' on Brody that makes it more girly.

    I think it would be great to have a child named after you. My middle name was named after my grandfather, even though it is also known as a girls name too, they still spelt mine the boys way . I use to hate that when I was younger (there was a couple of times it came up at primary school, but it never lasted long), but now that I'm older I've come to realise just how special it is to be named after him (as we never got to meet) and I'm glad to have that middle name.

    So with that said...I like Morgan Brody and I also don't mind Morgan Blake James.