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    Jun 2005

    I think Scout for a boy is a cool name but it doesn't seem like a girl's name to me. Like Jessica Simpson calling her daughter Maxwell. There are so many great girl's names already, leave the boys with something!

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    Mar 2008
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    Feijoa Mum I don't think Amy_Jellybean was trying to insult you or your son, Aimz asked how we felt about the name and she clearly said her honest opinion. We don't all have to like everything and not join in a discussion in the fear that someone will be offended. We're all different and it makes the world interesting
    I don't think Feijoa Mum's response indicated she was insulted or offended at all - proud of the name, as she should be given she named her son Scout!

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    Oct 2009

    I think its Gorgeous. that was a big NO from DH