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Thread: buying a different carrier/sling?

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    Question buying a different carrier/sling?

    Hi everyone.
    I was given the baby bjorn carrier (i dont know exactly which one) while I was pregnant but bub has never liked it at all. I find that even the times where she IS settled in it, I still can't get chores done cos she's bopping about all over the place looking unimpressed and i can't actually reach anything because there's this great big baby in the way - just like being pregnant!

    My question is; are other carriers better? is the HAB better in terms of having less padding or holding the baby to you in a different way so you have more freedom of movement and such? We went for the bjorn because I have back problems and didn't think a sling would offer enough back support. Is this right?

    Aurelia really doesn't like being put down by herself so I can't get anything done when she's awake, and I'm constantly trying to entertain her. If I could put her in a carrier, both of these problems could be solved! But she just doesn't like the bjorn.


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    HABs offer excellent back support if they are properly worn. I have back problems and that was the sling I chose. My physio sells, hires and recommends them. The width of the fabric is great so its not cutting in to your back (or waist) at all, and the baby's bodyweight is evenly distributed.

    They do take a bit of getting used to, and it can take a while to perfect putting the HAB on, but usually only 2-3 tries.

    I will be getting another one for the next bub (sold mine)

    If you can it may be worth hiring or borrowing one to try it out. That said if you id like it they get extremely good prices when resold, I got back 95% of what I paid when I sold mine second hand.

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    Hi BabySocks

    OK, I initially had a HAB and then switched to the Baby Bjorn! This is what I found - I mainly wanted the HAB to whip to the shops at the end of the street and back. But both me and my partner found it quite time-consuming to get the hang of getting it on and we got frustrated with it. However, if I'd been intending to carry my baby in it for long periods around the house then I probably would have perservered but for a short trip taking 10 mins, it drove me batty trying to work out what do with it. BUT, I can see that they would be very comfy for baby and I think because baby's weight is evenly distributed, it would be quite good for your back.

    My baby wasn't a big fan of the Baby Bjorn at first either but she was a lot happier when I stopped using the head rest fully up. You can fold it down once their head control is quite good and she was much happier then as she could see more. I haven't put her in the face-out position yet (because I like to be able to see her face all the time) but maybe you could try that too before you change to a HAB? Even so, it would be difficult to bend down and do things two-handed - I wouldn't feel safe doing that. But can't compare to HAB as I didn't use it for that.

    A big baby store may let you try the HAB in the shop before you buy it. When I took mine back the shop offered to show me how to put it on but I was pretty keen to change it by that stage.

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    You can bend over etc with the HAB without bub falling out. Bub's head is well supported & doesn't get in the way (because you can tuck it under one of the shoulder straps). If you fit it properly, it's really good for your back (like rayray, that's why I chose the HAB). It does take a few tries to get good at tying it (it's much easier if you practice in front of the mirror - with a doll!), but I'm pretty quick at it now. Takes me a minute or two to tie it up, and about the same to get Calvin into it.

    Only thing I don't like about HAB is that it's really hot in summer.

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