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    Default Ergo Infant Insert

    Hi All,

    I was just wondering if anyone was using/has used the infant insert for the ergo carrier? I got mine yesterday and tried it out. The ergo itself is really comfy, but with Sam in the insert (side on with his legs out one side) I find that his pointy little elbow sticks into my chest! Perhaps I'm doing it wrong? I put him in it to go shopping yesterday, and he settled immediately so I don't think it bothers him greatly. He was calm for the whole shopping trip (not his usual shopping attitude)!

    I'm new to the ergo (being a HAB girl - 'til it got too hot to wear) so I'd really appreciate any tips or pointers from those who've been using it longer...



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    ditto from me too - i really should use my ergo - maybe thn i could actaully type with 2 hands

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