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Thread: Sling similar to HAB

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    Default Sling similar to HAB

    Is there a sling similar to the HAB in the closeness and snugness it provides but made of a lighter/thinner fabric and perhaps quicker to put on?

    Even though DS was a winter baby we were both always sweaty in the HAB but i loved the closeness of it.... Dunno what else is out there so spam me please!

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    B - my yoga teacher sells slings and stuff if you wanted to have a look at what they were like. Not that familiar with the HAB!! But if you want to know what it looks like, just pm me and I'll give you their website details :-)

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    I think bear hug baby did a muslin one a while ago, not sure if they still do it sorry. You could always buy 5m or so of muslin from spotlight and have a play and see if you can get it to work for you?

    good luck

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    There are 2 American brands that I know of - Moby Wrap and "Wrap 'n Wear" (am I allowed to mention these?) Google them to find the sites. I own a HAB and LOVE it, but want a few more colour options. The Moby also comes in a fleecy version (for the pocket at least).

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    Yeah, I've heard of the Moby too - there's quite a few out there - I just wish I knew about them! (I'm still on my steep baby-wearing learning curve )

    Are you wanting the wrap for your next bub? I know that there are wraps that are slightly less stretchy that have enough support for older kids too, but perhaps they're not as awesome for newies - like Vatanai - I thought of them cos I think they have a good rep for being pretty breathable.

    Umm...Calmawrap? Ellaroo? Didymos?

    Gotta say though, I don't know enough yet to say if these are awesome or not - haven't tried them. Just parroting brands I've heard around the traps.

    All the best, let us know what you end up learning too!

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    I have a moby & it's identical to a HAB, so I wouldn't bother if the HAB wasn't suitable.

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    Bear hug baby used to do a light weight one but they seem to be hard to find now. The ABA shop has a mesh mei-tai which could be nice- not the same as a wrap but more similar in that it's not a sling.

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